...adventure is out there

...adventure is out there
Enjoying the reception for @tatumkn’s wedding!! Congratulations gorgeous! It has been a long time coming! #wedding #weddingdate #TatumSharpWedding  (at Museum of Appalachia)
Jo isn’t quite sure where the marshmallow is. #bostonterrier #bostonterriercult #marshmallow
#NoFilter Cast Iron Skillet S’more dip! Just dunk a graham cracker and enjoy!! #IndoorCamping #Cookout #Chocolate #CastIronCook
Michael and I went to Dead End BBQ with Mom. Managed to sneak a selfie with my hunky fella. ❤️ @mjhurst86  (at Dead End BBQ)
Michael and I had a #waterfight. @mjhurst86
I curled my hair for the first time with the new haircut! Love it!!! #curly #haircut #blueeyes #redlipstick
Loving my new hair!! I’m so excited to really get to tinker with styling it. Thank you @emilyltipton!!
Going to see @emilyltipton today to get some length off my hair. I’m so scared because I’ve had log hair for so long, but I’m also excited for a change! #PlusItsMassivelyHotWithThickHair #SummerHaircut #ChangeUp #Transformation
Pool evacuated for thunder, half an hour ago. No more thunder. Let us back in the pool!! #OakRidgepool  (at Oak Ridge Municiple Pool)
Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) / Nancy Sinatra
I Say a Little Prayer / Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin “Queen of Soul”
[Watch & Listen to Aretha Franklin perform “Evil Gal Blues”]
[Watch & Listen to Aretha Franklin perform ”Spirit In The Dark”]