...adventure is out there

...adventure is out there
Pictures from @cbcfountaincity’s #JourneyToTheCross! #HolyWeek #Easter #HeIsRisen (at Central Baptist Church of Fountain City)
Almost 4 years later, we’re still THAT couple. #marriage #love #engaged #engagement #fiancé #texts
Audrey approves of my wedding shoe choice. #AudreyHepburn #TOMS #weddingshoes #wedding  #PINK #marriage #weddingdetails

Should I start with myself?

Should I start with myself?


IMG_4241Well, I’m Brandie. I’m a 23 year old recent graduate of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville with two Bachelors degrees in English and Psychology. I’ve been very family oriented my entire life, and I’ve been hopelessly in love with the best man I could have ever wished for for three years. When I was single, I prayed so very hard for a man just like Michael, in fact, I think God knew early on…

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Why I’m realizing why it’s hard to not side with Mom.

Why I’m realizing why it’s hard to not side with Mom.

As a bride-to-be, I’m very much a fan of anything wedding or bridal. So of course, Say Yes to the Dresson TLC is one of my favorites. Up until the point of trying on my first dress, I couldn’t understand why the brides couldn’t stand up to their mothers and just be like “Look, I’m the one getting married, not you, get over it.” I always thought that the mothers were trying to live vicariously…

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Chaco tan lines. Hello summer! #Chacos #sandals #tan #tanlines
Feeling tan and showing off my engagement ring!! #yaysunnydays #engagement #ring #tan #😊
#pinkraspberrylemonade in my cup!! Deliciously refreshing! #SteamboatSandwiches #tasteslikesummer (at Steamboat Sandwiches on Market Square)
Before/After haircut shot! Fabulousness compliments of @EmilyLTipton at Aveda!!
And in honor of #NationalSiblingDay, here are all of my Sisters from other misters. In no particular order of course! I love all of my lovely ladies.
Since today is National Sibling Day, here’s mine! My brother, Rick! I met him for the first time nearly three years ago and I love him so much! He might be my technical Half-Brother, but I whole love him. #siblings

Bonn, Germany :: (Uwe Müller)